About me

Born in the heart of the Buchan farmlands of Aberdeenshire, a native Doric speaker, ballad singer, storyteller and poet I am dubbed a “Tradition Bearer”!

My love of stories, song and poetry has run in my blood all my life and I often say “ It wis knitted intae me” I am very grateful for this rich heritage. Seasonal gatherings at the farm would ignite wonderful entertaining evenings round the fire, me just a wee lassie listening and learning what has now become my art and my living.

I am as happy working with children as adults of all ages from 3 to 103, in diverse settings, from class rooms to tour coaches, theatre stages to festival tents. My greatest joy is in the sharing of the songs and stories and most importantly in keeping them alive.

Thorns And Roses

“Thorns and Roses” is out now.  You can find out more and hear samples here or buy online now.

Yokie Tonsils

A book and audio CD packed full of traditional children’s songs and rhymes.  Listen and find out more here.