I have been writing since I was 7 years old. I was first published in 1978 in the Buchan Observer (Buchanie). Mainly I write poetry, lyric and short stories, but like most folk I know there is at least one book in me that I’ll get the time and space to write one day...

For me writing was always a release, and a way to express my innermost feelings, be they sad, happy, reflective or mischievous. I am one of life’s observers and that is essential to writing as is empathy. I see the joy in simple things and the destructive effects of the human condition, something I admire in the work of Robert Burns. I have written collaborative pieces for theatre, monologue for the historic dramatised story of Isobel Haldene, poetry for children, poetry and lyric for broken hearts and short stories that will “hae ye laughin’ yer socks aff”.

I deliver creative writing workshops, for both adults and children one of which was for The National Trust for Scotland’s property at Culloden Battlefield on “Hidden Stories”; A project inspired by the artifacts found on the Battlefield.

Yokie Tonsils

Children’s workshops include Scots Language, which is now part of the curriculum for excellence taking the form of poetry, stories or storytelling. I can work to a chosen topic such as "Myths and Legends" or "Where we Live".

Last year I worked on a book and audio CD, “Yokie Tonsils”, which is packed full of traditional children’s songs and rhymes. Listen to some clips of these below.

Merrie Ma Tanzie
Track 01


The Wee Wifey
Track 02


Thorns And Roses

“Thorns and Roses” is out now.  You can find out more and hear samples here or buy online now.

Yokie Tonsils

A book and audio CD packed full of traditional children’s songs and rhymes.  Listen and find out more here.