Children's Tales

I love to tell stories to children, and capture the wonder of innocence in the faces of my wee listeners. It is such a great gift to pass on to a child, the gift of a story. I employ stories as a launch for creative writing and imaginative oral story making workshops. It is often the case that children who find it difficult to engage with books or struggle to write a story, will find a freedom and release for their imaginative stories in oral story making and telling.

To engage children I use interactive stories using actions; hand puppets; language games; percussion instruments and song or a combination of all of these.

I am happy to work to a particular theme or link to a project that children may be studying.

Storytelling for Adults

My adult storytelling is usually humour based with most of the stories linked to or drawn from my traditional roots of rural Aberdeenshire.

It was a way of life particularly at busy times of the year, like harvest. Neighbouring farmers would come to help take in the crop and a ceilidh would ensue in the evening. There would be recitations, stories and songs round the fire. It is a magical, generous and hospitable thing to share a story and as a teller I always hope that someone will go away with that story in their heart and keep it alive by telling somebody else.

Thorns And Roses

“Thorns and Roses” is out now.  You can find out more and hear samples here or buy online now.

Yokie Tonsils

A book and audio CD packed full of traditional children’s songs and rhymes.  Listen and find out more here.